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How to Send SMS for Events and Programs

There are a lot of events that take place in Nigeria which includes weddings, exhibitions, annual general meetings, rallies, conferences, naming ceremonies, baby dedications, birthday parties, church fellowships and many others I cannot mention here. In any of the events, it is advisable you involve bulk SMS if you want to achieve your desire attendance rate.



One of the major reasons for involving bulk SMS is that people are very busy these days doing many things at a time so they can easily forget your invitation if you use other means but you can be over 97% sure of people opening, reading and remembering your SMS invitation. Once the SMS is opened it remains in the phone till the invitee decides to delete it. The fact that we are always much closer to our mobile phones than any other thing (some people even carry it to the bath room), it is easy to be reminded of the event every time.



Another reason is that people use the content of the SMS which includes the venue to find their way since mobile phones cannot be easily left at home unlike invitation cards.



This article therefore gives details on how you can use bulk SMS to invite people for your events and have your desired turned up rate. I am going to use wedding as a case study because of its popularity.



Firstly, when you have decided the date and venue for your wedding, you may need to send your first invitation to your contacts. This can be done immediately your invitation card is out because your message content is going to be drawn from the card.



To send your message, write out all your contact numbers from your phone or wherever you stored them. If you are the bride, you may consider getting the phone contact of your groom to join to your own. Now that you have all the recipient numbers, the hardest job has been completed. Now go straight towww.smsbulknigeria.com to register for a bulk SMS account. Registration is free and it takes only about 2 minutes to complete. Buy an equivalent of SMS credits to send your first message. Make sure you include phone numbers in the message content because people may need to call for further inquiry or congratulate you ahead.



Secondly, you will need to send a reminder to the same contacts about the ceremony. You can send the reminder a few days to the wedding. The good thing about bulk SMS platform is that you don’t need to type the numbers again. After your first message the numbers are already saved in your message history. Just copy the numbers and then send the message to them. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to send the reminder.



Finally, after the ceremony, you will need to send an appreciation message that looks like this:

“We sincerely appreciate ur presence at our wedding ceremony. We pray that God will richly bless u & celebration will never cease in your home. Thank u so much. Mr&Mrs Godwin”



Your appreciation message should go to your contacts not more than five days after the ceremony.



With all the above steps taken, you are sure of a wonderfully successful wedding ceremony.At www.smsbulknigeria.com you can automate the whole process from the first day by using scheduling feature. Schedule all the messages to be delivered at your desired date and time, sit back, relax and be doing other things and our system will do the job for you.



How To Send Bulk SMS on Our Cheapest Bulk SMS Website

This section is written to give detailed information and serve as a guide for those who want to learn how to send bulk SMS on our bulk SMS website.

We have received so many messages and telephone calls from people who are curious to really understand the way they can also be sending a single text message to numerous recipients (hundreds, thousands or millions of people) with just a click. Is it not interesting? We strongly believe that your answer to the question is “Yes”. Yes indeed!

Bulk SMS has become irresistible tool for communication purposes in Nigeria and other countries across the globe. Bulk SMS service gives you opportunity to spend less on every page of text message and also enables you to customize your sender identification (Sender ID).

First and foremost, we want to explain the major fields that are required to send bulk SMS. Generally, bulk SMS websites have the following required fields to be filled to send bulk SMS.

1) Sender ID Box: This represents what the recipient(s) see on their respective phones when your bulk SMS text message is delivered to their phones. You can use your personal name or your company name or your usual GSM number as sender ID but whatever you use as sender ID must not be longer than 11 characters.

2) Recipient Box: This is where you type in or paste your recipients’ telephone numbers which you want to send bulk SMS to. If you are sending SMS to more than a single recipient, you must use “COMMA” to separate the numbers (there should not be a space between the numbers) or put each recipient’s number on a separate line.

3) Message Box: This is where you type or paste the exact message which you want to send to your recipients.

Please note that Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are not Joomla friendly. Therefore, make sure that you type both recipients’ numbers and the exact text message directly on the compose page or use NOTEPAD to type everything. Then copy them and paste each of them in the appropriate box.

The Following Steps Are Required To Send Bulk SMS:

1) Register a FREE bulk SMS user account on this bulk SMS website (registration is absolutely free on all the bulk SMS portals in the world).

2) Log on to your newly created bulk SMS user account with your username and password.

3) Make use of the free SMS in your newly created account to test our bulk SMS website by sending text message to one of your own GSM numbers.

4) Once you are satisfied with the test you conducted through free SMS given to you, the next thing is to buy bulk SMS in volume which depends on the quantity needed. You can log out and take steps towards making payment for the quantity of your choice.

5) After making payment and your bulk SMS account is credited, Log on to your bulk SMS account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on “COMPOSE MESSAGE”.

6) Enter the sender ID which must not be longer than 11 characters. Also type in or paste the  recipients number(s) in the space for recipients. The next thing to do here is to compose the message which you want to send to your recipients.

7) The final step to take is to click on “SEND” and the message will be delivered to all your recipients within few seconds.


SMS marketing is undoubtedly one of the best strategies for businesses to connect with prospects and customers, through their mobile phones.

However, this strategy isn’t without its downside. So, it’s very important for you to understand the pros and cons of using bulk SMS as a marketing strategy before launching your campaign.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you the pros and cons of the bulk SMS marketing strategy.

After reading the post, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a well informed decision as to whether you should use SMS marketing or not.

Now, let’s roll…


The Pros

1. Your message WILL be read

There is very high probability that your message will be read. This is because mobile phones are Nigerians’ most personal belongings.

Your customers may ignore emails, letters, flyers, newspaper adverts and even your website. But they’ll surely read any text message that land on their phones. So, with bulk SMS you’ll pass your message across – effectively.


2. You can send impromptu messages

Since text messages deliver instantly, you can spread word among your customers about impromptu deals, urgent notices, promotions and other important pieces of information.

If you’re into real estate for instance, you can notify your customers about latest property listings and auctions available. The same applies to any other business.


3. Customers respond better

SMS is a very good medium for prompting your customers to take a certain action. You can urge them to subscribe to an offer, make enquiries, answer some questions and so on. You’ll get more responses by sending your request via SMS than via any other medium.

Remember, many Nigerians won’t use the internet – either because they are not web savvy or they are just too busy to surf the internet. But they are never too busy to attend to attend to their phones.


4. Messages are very easy to send

Just with the click of a button, you can send your SMS to thousands of recipients. Simply login to your user account with a reputable bulk SMS service provider, type your message, and blast it off. (But remember, you must have enough funds in your account to send messages.)


The Cons

1. Only 160 characters allowed

As you know, the maximum limit for SMS is 160 characters. Sometimes, this may be too limited for the message you want to pass across.

Although most of the bulk SMS service providers will allow you to exceed this limit, this will attract more cost.


2.  No media allowed

Other than text, SMS does not allow other content formats. So, you can’t send images, animated effects or sound to your recipients. For some businesses, this could mean a big limitation. But in most cases, it’s no big deal.

As you’ve seen, SMS marketing has its pros and cons. But the benefits outweigh the disadvantages – for most business.

Before you adopt SMS as a means of marketing your business, consider these pros and cons, and then decide if this strategy is for you.


Short message service better known as bulk SMS in Nigeria was first used in 1992, when the first cheapest bulk SMS message was sent over the Vodafone GSM network. Since then, this mode of communication has become more popular and its usage has been increasing at a drastic rate, for example from 2007 to 2010 the number of bulk SMS in Nigeria sent globally has almost tripled. Innovation, development and necessity have lead to the development of various cheapest bulk SMS software that can allow sending and receiving bulk SMS in Nigeria from the personal computer to mobile devices and vice versa. Before, the use of cheapest bulk SMS was for personal messaging and immediate or urgent message alerts, but soon businesses realized the potential of bulk SMS in Nigeria marketing. Cheapest bulk SMS from PC, text messages from mobile/PC, bulk SMS in Nigeria software, etc. provide an array of benefits to the corporate world.


1) Increasing the Customer Reach

It is estimated that over 5 billion of the world’s population has mobile subscription. Also, approximately 90% of the world’s population has access to mobile networks. These huge numbers itself show the potential of sending cheapest bulk SMS from PC to new or existing customers.


2) Low Cost

When compared to the cost of advertising in TV, using a well known spokesperson, giving ads in newspapers or magazines or even ads over the radio, text messages are the cheapest. Also this cost goes down tremendously when text message ads are sent to more and more people using the bulk SMS in Nigeria software.


3) Customer Engagement and Interaction will Increase

Cheapest bulk SMS software allows one to send text messages to many people at one go. At present cheapest bulk SMS software are available that can send 25,000 text messages within minutes. These text messages will increase the number of sales leads. As more and more people respond to the ad, a new potential customer database can be created by the company.


It is not only necessary that these ads should be only for potential customers; they can also be for existing customers. Some good examples are banks sending text messages for account balance, credit card companies sending monthly statements, telephone companies sending monthly bill, sending e-coupons and mobile text coupons by online shops, etc. This will lead to more interaction with existing customers and can help generate more revenue per customer. Text messaging can be an excellent tool for cross selling and upselling products/services.


4) Increase efficiency in the office

It is not necessary that these bulk SMS in Nigeria softwares be used only for customers; they can easily be used in the office as well, for example, sending details for an important meeting, sending memos, notifying field agents about any new developments, notifying about any emergency situation, sending important information to key customers and suppliers, etc. This will definitely lead to increase in efficiency at the work place as the staff will be updated regularly with all relevant information.

The cheapest bulk SMS from PC software can also act as a call centre wherein customers can send their complaints or queries and can receive replies as well as assurance of best services quickly. This in turn will lead to customer satisfaction which can have even more benefits for the company.

The above mentioned points are just some of the major advantages of using bulk SMS in Nigeria from PC software for business purposes. There are numerous other benefits of text messaging in business. It is due to these advantages that businesses today are using such cheapest bulk SMS software

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